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Minneasota Home Theater ConsultationWhether you are looking for a nice projector and a 110″ screen or a great sounding surround sound system you have come to the right place.  We will help you build a Home Theater system that is perfect for your room, and you will enjoy using day in and day out.   As a Custom Home Theater company, we pride ourselves on designing and installing systems that are inline with our customers goals and budgets.

We come to you!

Every one of our systems starts out with a Free In-Home Consultation.   Here we visit your space and meet with you to discuss your dreams and ideas.   If you’d like to get schedule an in-home consultation please

Free In-Home Theater Consultation &  $99 Service Call

Our Free In-Home Theater Consultation

Our Free In-Home Theater Consultation is designed to make it easy for you to start planning your next audio and video project.  We are always happy to meet with you and learn more about your project see the room you will be utilizing and discuss ways we can help you create and install a system that you and your family will use day in and day out for years to come.  While many other companies require a deposit just to talk we pride our selves on keeping our free In-Home Consultation, well Free.

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$99 Service Call

Audio Video Service Call

Are you having an issue with an existing audio or video system or just have a little work you need done?  We are happy to help out and want to try to make it as easy as possible to get you back up and going.  We have a $99 service call which covers the first hour of work.  Learn more Here

Home Wiring (Low Voltage) for Remodel Projects and New Construction

Low Voltage Home Wiring for Remodeling Projects

Are you starting to design and build a new edition or perhaps you are ready to finish your basement and create an entertainment space that is second to none.   We are excited that we can work with you during this process this will make it a lot easier to get it wired correctly.  Please call us before the sheet rock is up.  You’ll be happy you did.

We do wiring for:

  • Home Theater
  • Multi-room Audio
  • Networking
  • Cable and Satellite TV
  • Telephones
  • Security Cameras

Click Here to see our Low Voltage Wiring Packages.

Low Voltage Home Wiring for New Construction

Are you starting to design your dream home.  If so now is the time to sit down and discuss what your dreams are.  We will help you design a wiring system that will give you the greatest flexibility and performance throughout the life of your home.  If you’d like to learn more bout the various wiring services and how we work with new home owners throughout this process please Click Here.

TV Wall Mount Installation Packages

Is it finally time to get that TV up on the wall?  Getting it up on the wall is one thing but would you really like to get it professionally installed so you don’t see any wires at all?  Would it be possible to hide the equipment too?  We offer many various TV Wall Mount packages.

See all TV Wall Mount Installation Packages Here

Speaker Installation Services

Are you ready to add a pair of speakers to a new room or maybe to finish off your surround sound system?  Not quite sure if you are ready to install them yourself?  It’s probably a good idea to hire a professional this can be a very tricky project especially if you are trying to retrofit them in an existing room and want all of the wires hidden.   Lucky for you we have been doing this for over 10 years so we have a lot of experience installing speakers with the wires hidden.

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Home Theater Installation Services

We offer a variety of Home Theater Installation Services from Home Theater Projectors, to Home Theater Screens, to Universal Remote Controls.  Even if you already have equipment and just simply need it installed we can help.  We are happy to help you get up and running.    Remember we do sell and install all home theater equipment, and many times when you purchase it through us you save money on the installation too.

Here are some of the Home Theater Installation Services we offer:

  • Home Theater Projector Installation
  • Home Theater Screen Installation
  • Surround Sound System Installation
  • Audio System Calibration
  • Universal Remote Control Programming

To see all of our Ala-cart Home Theater Installation Services Click Here.

Did you know we can custom design a system that is perfect for your room?