Antenna Installation

$ 499.00 $ 399.00

Receive FREE HDTV Channels

Our HDTV Antenna Installation package includes

  • HDTV Outdoor Antenna
  • Mounting Mast
  • Cable
  • Professional Installation



HDTV Antenna Installation Includes:

  • Professional Installation HDTV on roof of house, does include mast, above antenna, and all mounting and grounding equipment. (may upgrade to inside antenna installation)
  • Running Coax cable to main junction point or one main TV in the home (includes Cable).
  • Ground antenna to proper house ground.
  • Verifying connection to main TV or any TV’s connected to main junction point. (additional pre-amplifier may be needed if sending signal to multiple TV’s. Not included)

Outdoor Antenna Installation

antenna installation minnesota

  • Bow-tie technology for increased UHF gain
  • Mileage: rated at 60 Miles*
  • Channels: High VHF, UHF (7 – 69)

May Upgrade to other antennas



Our Professional Home Theater technician will:

  1. Conduct a pre-installation walk through with you. To determine proper mounting position and discuss other serivces you’d like to include.
  2. Mount antenna on outside of house
  3. Run cable to main TV or home junction location.
  4. Verify reception at TV (pre-amlifier may be needed for multiple Tv’s – not included)
  5. Clean up work area and remove boxes


Additional Services may be purchased from technician
Our technicians carry extra equipment in case you need more custom work

Any Audio Video Cables needed.
Extension of electrical outlet with power bridge kit.
Speaker mounting on wall or in wall
Programming of universal remotes
Any need services or fees will be discussed prior to starting work.



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