Surround Sound Systems

Surround Sound Systems:

You may have heard the terms 5.1 or 7.1 before, this refers to the surround sound system. The surround sound system is the audio component of a home theater system.  It is made of a receiver and 5 or 7 speakers.  When an engineer makes a sound track for one of your favorite movies they decide exactly what sound and how much they want coming through every speaker.  This is how they can recreate car crashes, subway scenes and even romantic scenes at the beach.   Not to mention live sports sound extremely awesome with a surround sound system.   The purpose of a surround sound system is to wrap you in sound that enhances whatever it is you love to watch.

7 inceiling speaker surround sound systemAll of our surround sound systems can be designed with:

  • In-wall or In-ceiling speakers
  • Equipment that can be controlled via a smartphone app or remote control
  • The latest HD Technology  Currently 4K, HDR
  • Equipment that is Hidden
  • We carry and sell name Brand Speakers, Receivers, Blu-ray players & Media streamers but we also carry better brands that others can’t get.
  • We create a package with the equipment and installation costs to save you time & money.
  • We train you and your family on how to use all of the equipment.
  • We set up all of your internet streaming accounts.
  • Every system we sell and install includes a year installation warranty.

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Projector & Screens:

Are you look for a true movie at home experience?  If so the way to go is a Home Theater System that uses a projector and screen to get the largest picture possible.  Projectors allow you to create a picture that can go up to 300″ across.  Although the most homeowners have a 110-180″ Screen.

Things to consider when designing and installing a home theater system with a projector and screen.

Home theater screen in minnesota

  • Size of the room
  • Amount of ambient light
  • Viewing are of the audience
  • Desired resolution
  • Reflection rating of the screen
  • The power of the projector
  • Wiring the system so it looks great even when it is off.

For a true Home Theater Experience a Projector and Screen is the way to go.

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Flat Screen or HDTV’s

Flat screen TV or HDTV’s are the most common display used for home theater systems today.  The most common sizes range from 50-70″ but they can go as large as 90″ even more if you really wanted to.   There are many advantages to using a TV instead of a projector and a screen such as the room size and area needed for the TV.

As you may know the technology that goes into an HDTV is always changing so many of our customers are very happy that they consulted with us before purchasing their new TV.

HDTVCommon Questions about HDTV’s

  • Is 4K worth it?
  • How far should we sit back?
  • Placement and type of mount to use?
  • What is OLED?
  • Where is the best place to purchase our TV?

Although the first place many people start out with their home theater system is with a TV, we think it is best to see your room so we can discuss what would be the best size, location etc.

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