I cut the cord :-)

I am a cord cutter and had been using small, window-mounted antennas to get local channels. When we moved to our new house the window mounts weren’t working great so we decided to get a rooftop antenna installed.
I called to get an estimate and Doug came out to take a look at my house and setup and provided an accurate estimate. We scheduled the work to be done the following week. The antenna is not too big and I barely notice it on the backside of my roof. He ran cable lines to areas of the house that didn’t previously have lines and had to get creative with a couple of the placements. It took almost 4 hours for all of the work to be completed. He cleaned up all of the small messes running the new lines made. So far we’ve gotten great reception on all of the TVs and are happy with the work.

Description Of Work:
  • Install roof mounted antenna
  • Run lines to 5 places in house

review from Angie’s List