Do you sell televisions, receivers, & speakers?

HDTVOf course we do.  We carry many name brands you have heard off.  Such as Sony, Samsung, Sharp, LG, and Vizio televisions.   Some of the brands of receivers we are an installer for are Denon, Pioneer, Onkyo, & Sony.  As for speakers we carry a large variety of brands such as KEF, Polk Audio, Boston Acoustics, Bose, Niles, and more.  Not only do we carry name brands you know but we are also an exclusive dealer for some brands that the public can not by on their own.  This allows us to bring you great sounding speakers at great prices.

We are a registered distributor of everything we carry what this means to you is that all manufacture warranties are valid.  Not only that but because you purchase your equipment from us we include it in our 1 year service warranty, meaning we will come evaluate any misbehaving equipment and then take care of assisting you with the warranty process.  And if you are someone who loves extended warranties also carry those, although we never require you to purchase them.

Call for a consultation today and we will help you decide what brands and items would be perfect for you.