Service Calls

  Service Calls – Starting at $199

We’d be happy to help you get back up and running.

Typically, most people book a service call because:

  • They don’t think their sound system is hooked up correctly.
  • They got a new piece of gear they want connected to their system.
  • They moved into a new home with existing equipment and needed help figuring it out.
  • Something that used to work fine isn’t working anymore.
  • They want to add a couple of new speakers or hide/clean up existing wires.

No matter what the issue is, if it’s electronic and has to do with audio or video, we can usually help you out. Our technicians will usually have the parts they need to get you up and running on their truck. If we do have down time due to bringing in parts or rescheduling you after we’ve diagnosed the problem, we will not charge you for any down time.

Service calls include:

  • A walk through with the homeowner to discover the symptoms and problems you are having.
  • Diagnostic time: the technician will look for what is causing the problem.
  • Repair time: fixing the issue that is causing your problem (parts needed are an additional cost).
  • Demonstration and customer training: the technician will take time to show you how to use any of the equipment you have if you’d like.
  • Work will be cleaned up, and we will remove any debris from installation.


Additional services may be purchased from technician:

  • Any audio video cables needed.
  • Extension of electrical outlet with power bridge kit.
  • Speaker mounting on wall or in wall.
  • Programming of universal remotes.

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