Welcome to Tech Talk with Doug! Today we are talking about smart lighting technology.

There are a couple ways to get into the smart light technology in your home. The first is by changing out individual light bulbs. This is fast and easy. You simply change out the lights. While you can control the lights from your smart phone or other device, you also have to turn each individual light off.

The other option is to change out the light switch. By changing out the light switch, you can control the lighting in any room , but this option may require some wiring. There is a smart hub to install with the light switch which allows you to control the switch from your mobile device as well.

Besides smart lights being cool, why are they beneficial? One reason is to install them for your home theater. You can dim the lights with the touch of a button, but the other reason is safety. You can have lights on a timer while you are on vacation or turn the lights on as you come home if you are alone.

There are many great upsides!