What is an OLED TV? That is a great question. There is a lot of buzz out there right now surrounding new technology in televisions and the OLED TV’s are the talk of the town.OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. What does that mean? It means each pixel on the TV is creating it’s own light giving you a spectacular picture. LG is currently the only one making the OLED tv ‘s at the moment and this is what they have to say, “The individually illuminating OLED pixels can brighten, dim and power off fully to achieve perfect black. That means contrast—the ratio between the lightest and darkest areas of the screen—is truly infinite. Perfect black is essential to a more lifelike image as well as the great shadow detail you can only get with OLED.”With our LCD or LED TV’s, the light comes from the back. The OLED tv’s create the light themselves. It gives you perfect black levels and give you an astounding picture.
If you are looking to stay ahead of the technology curve and don’t mind spending some dough, the OLED TV’s are currently the best technology you can buy on the market!